Vestalife Ladybug Closed

Okay, so there are about a gazillion iPod speaker docks out there these days. And to be honest, most of them aren’t worth your time or money. Sure they allow easy playback of your iPod’s music over speakers, but most are ugly (or poor knock offs of other designs) and they rarely sound good. Of course there are exceptions. B&W’s Zeppelin is one good example of a great dock. Its styling isn’t for everyone, but I think it’s a great looker, and definitely a great sounder. Unfortunately that’ll set you back $600! Enter the Vestalife Lady bug.

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Cool looking, no?

If you’re anything like me, you love the MagSafe power ports on the MacBook laptops as much for the cool factor as the lowered chance of pulling the laptop off the table when you trip over the cord in the middle of the night. Now you can have this same cool factor on stage, where the chances of violent cord removal are somewhat higher to boot. As a bonus, they remove the popping noises you get while unplugging from a live amp, and the connectors are gorgeous. The Belkin Breakfree releases in September 2008.

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So cool it floats.Whatever you think of the MacBook Air, you have to admit that producing one from a manila envelope was and is undeniably cool – trouble is, there’s not much reason to do so these days. Enter the Timbuk2 Steve Sleeve: Made from recycled PET (old plastic bottles!) on the outside with a biodegradable liner, this bag is definitely green. It’s sized to fit the Air snugly, so most notebooks won’t fit. Something like an Eee from Asus might, though – let us know if you’ve tried it.

If I had a MacBook Air to carry around, I’d carry it in this.

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Good luck finding an iPhone

This post is brought to you by the letter “H”.

“H” is for hiatus. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and for that, I apologize. My last couple weeks have been busy with about 42.4% of that time spent calling every Apple store in the Los Angeles area daily for iPhone 3G availability. I’ve just never seen a product like this so hard to keep on shelves. I know that tech product shortages are nothing new, but everything about the iPhone makes it an odd device to still have 3 hour lines two weeks after launch.
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Sigg bottles, 2 varieties

Like Max, concerned about the accumulation of plastic rubbish and also BPA leaching into my water, I picked up two new sigg bottles. One as a gift, the other for myself. Pretty sweet lookin eh? The one that says “I am not plastic” is a special edition available from But I just checked, and they have sold out! Boy, that gift just got about 1000 times cooler! These swiss made bottles are simply superb. Great paint and build quality. It really feels like something I’ll have for many years to come.

Anyhow, you can find other sigg bottles all over the net, at local brick-and-mortar stores, as well as at some grocery stores like Whole Foods.


A Digital Escape - MaskFrog Design has piqued my interest with their “A Digital Escape” concept, which is a mask that makes you look like a robot, but more importantly makes the world look and smell however you wish it to. They suggest that it will be used to hide the damage we’ve already done to the planet, but I think there’s a demand for something like this already, especially the scent-manipulation part. This isn’t that strange an idea, if you consider how many people already personalize the sounds of the world using an iPod – why not sight and smell? I know that I’d like one of these, even if it made me look like a freaky cylon – though I think I’d use it more to augment my view of the world than replace it. I leave you with the view from inside the mask:

A Digital Escape - Inside

Images from Frog Design

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Kumho 722

Well, it was time for me to get some new tires. With gas prices being the way they are, I figured I’d try something to increase my fuel mileage. What I ended up doing was getting a tire that was slightly thinner, and slightly taller than the stock tires on my car.
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Built Laptop Backpack

I like backpacks, but I usually travel light. I had been using a bulky North Face number (the Recon), which was a great bag despite it’s habit of getting snagged on things, until I saw this minimalist bag from Built NY. Fashioned from neoprene, it’s nicely cushioned and stretches to accomodate more stuff. While a lone laptop fits in it quite snugly, the fabric will stretch to accomodate a large pile of stuff if you want – and it’ll shrink back down afterwards. There’s actually two main compartments: a top-loading slot for laptops and books, and a side loading slot for the accessories; the two are separated keep things organized but otherwise the same size. There’s also a little pocket in the left strap for phones, keys, etc. I’ve got one, and I love it – the thing is comfortable as hell, and it gets great reactions – mostly people ask if it’s body armor! If that’s the look you’re going for, you can flip it around to the front and people will stare. Actually, the last time I did that someone told me I looked like Jack Bauer.

The Built Laptop Bag runs about $80 from their website, but Amazon is selling them for $60 right now. Be aware that they are not adjustable, and thus there exists a large version for the titans among us. Color options are black, olive, and a wood-grain type pattern in black and grey. Go grab one before Amazon bumps up the price!

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Sigg Oval Bottle with CupSince I learned about the Pacific Trash Vortex I’ve drastically cut down on my bottled water consumption. Instead, I treated myself to this handsome metal bottle from Sigg that nestles into a stainless steel cup, and I’ve really been loving it. It’s oval shaped, so it’s a bit more pocket-friendly than a conventional bottle, and the black powder-coating is actually matte, which makes it look pretty badass. The cup and strap are totally removable, leaving you with a plain old Sigg Oval Bottle if you prefer that. Mostly I use the bottle alone, but I’ve been using the cup at home a lot. I keep getting asked if it’s a flask, actually – and it could be, because Sigg lines their bottles with a special coating to make sure that nothing from the metal gets into your beverage. (Acidic beverages, like lemon juice, will slowly dissolve metal) Sigg bottles are safe to transport anything people can drink, and are BPA free. Overall, I’m extremely happy with the bottle, and it’s 20 oz (0.6 L) capacity is a good compromise between portability and capacity. The $30 price struck me as high until I held the thing – the quality is top-notch, and chances are you’ll never need another water bottle. Which means less crap in our oceans, and I think we can all agree that’s a good thing.

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Welcome to part two (of two) of my Xbox repair experience. See part one here.

6.19.2008 – My Xbox arrives unannounced. I become excited as I realize what is in the box, and the UPS guy backs away slowly.

The UPS Guy Surprised Me With This

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