Best Car Mod Ever?
February 29, 2008
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You can’t buy this anywhere, but I just had to share. If this isn’t thoughtful, I don’t know what is.

Honda Del Sol turned X-Wing425px

I spotted this in traffic a few days ago. It is what appears to be a Honda del Sol (circa 1994) that has been completely outfitted to match Luke’s X-Wing from A New Hope. It’s got nearly everything I could expect from a mid-sized economy sports car turned intergalactic space fighter. From the accurately detailed R2 unit in the back (so much for that rearview mirror) to the side mounted guns with laser burns scorching the car near the tips, this is clearly the work of some mad genius. Rebel Alliance insignia decal and some other panelling details round out the realism, giving you the impression that it might just circumvent the traffic on the 405 and make the jump to hyperspace somewhere north of LAX and south of the Getty.

Mad Genius, I salute you. Click the pic to see all the details closer up. It also seems as if the driver is explaining something to his passenger, given his hand motions. My guess: his theory on how awesome he is.

If the maker/owner of this car reads this post, drop me a line; I’ve a got 2007 VW Rabbit that I think has TIE Interceptor potential.

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