Honest Ade

This is a post about a tasty beverage.

I have a soft spot for “ades” especially lemon and lime. Unfortunately, most lemonades in the U.S. market are loaded with corn syrup which causes some sort of taste in the back of my mouth. Yuck. But then I found Honest Tea’s Honest Ade Limeade which has no corn-syrup to get between me and the lime juice. Although I do not take part in the tea selections of their product line, the other non-caffeinated beverages I’ve had were pretty tasty. In addition to producing excellent beverages, Honest Tea also is a pretty cool company, with a completely organic product line.

Fun fact of the day: Senator Obama’s drink of choice on the campaign trail is Honest Tea’s Black Forest Berry. While I’m partial to the “ades”, looks like we are both fans of Honest Tea.

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bigger, stronger, faster

No more waiting: Bigger, Stronger, Faster* from Christopher Bell is being released in two days.

I can’t think of a better weekend to present this brilliant documentary than the weekend which is bringing us what may be the biggest chick flick ever. That particular movie is really femininity on steroids. Balance that with this movie actually about steroids and your weekend becomes pretty interesting.

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The Golden Compass, a movie based on the first book of the His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman, is directly marketed to you LOTR and Chronicles of Narnia fans. While those two series have years to build their fan base, His Dark Materials Trilogy has only had a few years and competition from one Mr. Harry Potter. But, in the face of these hardships, consider this the little movie that couldn’t…do much wrong.

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Livermore Bulb

107 Year Old Livermore Bulb–picture from Dick Jones

“Mr. Edison, I don’t want to deal with plugging it in…just give me a bee hive and I’ll make my own candles”

Yes, change is hard. Yes, prototypes or first editions don’t work exactly the way you want to. But get used to it, because as cool as dinosaurs are, things change and good technologies help us immensely (i.e. light bulb).

And with the Tesla Roadster, the future isn’t some fuzzy, hazy thing. It’s right here and it works.

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Ice Cream Ball

Sure the Ice Cream Ball looks cute, but will it work? The Ice Cream Ball has three steps– fill the outer ball with rock salt and ice, make the ice cream mixture (usually some derivative of cream and sugar) and shake. In Kindergarden, we made butter by passing around milk and shaking it. So, butter, yes, but ice cream? I’m not convinced that it works well or that I would want to eat the ice cream at the end (especially the “ice cream” in this picture). The Ice Cream Ball, for being totally questionable in its performance, is pretty cute and comes in lots of colors. And, it does get some props for trying to create something, not like that lazy Bop-It.

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Odyssey Bag

Silent Revolution, from Los Angeles, makes some great 21st century bags. These bags are also 100% sweatshop free and designed for a sophisticated urbanite. My favorite is the Odyssey Bag. The red string detail, on the front flap of the bag, is placed there by hand and then the bag is quilted stitched over in order to hold the design. Each Odyssey Bag is a unique piece of art.

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Shine A Light - Buddy Guy

I wasn’t expecting much from Shine a Light, the new Rolling Stone’s concert movie. Why not you ask? Well, first of all when I pay for a concert I go to a concert hall, not a movie theater. Second, I go for the “live” musical experience that brings with it an energy that usually cannot be captured on tape.

I got over my snootiness pretty quickly when I realized the brilliance of concert movies: giving the audience an intimate look at a live performance. You are able to see things about a concert up-close and personal, which is something you can’t get unless you’re willing to shell out the big bucks for front row seats. The film was directed by Martin Scorsese, who does a great job in bringing the concert to life on film. Scorsese goes beyond simply putting a concert on the big screen and matches archival footage with specific musical scenes which gives some historical perspective to the Rolling Stones. I found the best use of this footage was in pairing an interview with a band member and then focusing on that member for the next song. This resulted in making that particular performance more interesting and fun.

Shine a Light, selected theaters and IMAX!

[image from Rolling Stones MySpace]

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heidi klumOh Brother. In what may be one of the most exciting cross-promotions ever (?) Brother has made two Project Runway edition sewing machines. Meet the Innov-is 40 and the Innov-is 80. These are updates of the PC210 PRW and the PC420 PCW models you may have seen floating about.

These two new models come with the standard ooous and aaahs, like an automatic bobbin winder. Both Innov-is’s are digital, both have the sewing start/stop button (so you don’t have the use the foot pedal), and an automatic needle threader. These all are cool (but, maybe not necessary). I am curious about these machines mostly because they were featured ever so often on the TV show. I wonder if they are the coolest sewing machines ever.

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bus counter

Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna) is a cute independent movie that premiered during Sundance 2007. The film tells an immigration story from two points of view: Mother and Child. It is an effort to introduce the public to the idea of Mexican-U.S. immigration and what it feels like to navigate this difficult lifestyle.

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File Folders

Does Cavallini & Company have the monopoly on cute file folders? If you have any leads on companies who are designing cool file folders could you please leave the name of the company in the comments? Initially, I liked the designs of Cavallini & Company, but since I’ve been seeing these folders for the past few years, I’d like to see something new. I’ve done a few google searches, but haven’t been too thrilled with the selections…leads and suggestions would be appreciated!

Source: Cavallini & Company and Sold at Amazon (Also, search for Cavallini & Company and file folders and you will get an assortment of designs).


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