Sigg Oval Bottle with CupSince I learned about the Pacific Trash Vortex I’ve drastically cut down on my bottled water consumption. Instead, I treated myself to this handsome metal bottle from Sigg that nestles into a stainless steel cup, and I’ve really been loving it. It’s oval shaped, so it’s a bit more pocket-friendly than a conventional bottle, and the black powder-coating is actually matte, which makes it look pretty badass. The cup and strap are totally removable, leaving you with a plain old Sigg Oval Bottle if you prefer that. Mostly I use the bottle alone, but I’ve been using the cup at home a lot. I keep getting asked if it’s a flask, actually – and it could be, because Sigg lines their bottles with a special coating to make sure that nothing from the metal gets into your beverage. (Acidic beverages, like lemon juice, will slowly dissolve metal) Sigg bottles are safe to transport anything people can drink, and are BPA free. Overall, I’m extremely happy with the bottle, and it’s 20 oz (0.6 L) capacity is a good compromise between portability and capacity. The $30 price struck me as high until I held the thing – the quality is top-notch, and chances are you’ll never need another water bottle. Which means less crap in our oceans, and I think we can all agree that’s a good thing.

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